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Laser Grading
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Laser Grading Services Saves You Time and Money

Laser levelling services are a quicker alternative to traditional grading and excavation, levelling sand or dust in half the time other methods take. Saving time, labour costs, and reducing concrete waste make laser levelling the best service to get the bang for your buck. With a finished level so accurate it can keep excess concrete below 3%, laser levelling reduces excess concrete, which can be a significant and completely unnecessary cost during levelling projects.

Levelling road base, sand, or crusher dust is our specialty. We perform sub-grade levelling on industrial concrete floor projects for industrial warehouse floors and car parks. If you’re a builder or concreter looking for levelling services that will save you time and money, look no further. It is cheaper to laser level the low areas with dust rather than concrete.

Our Concrete Construction Grading Services

Laser Grading Services offer our concrete construction grading services to public councils, education boards, private enterprises, and more. Some of the concrete construction grading services we most frequently provide include:

Post Tension Concrete Slab Preparation
Sub Base Preparation for Fibrecrete Slab With Armourjoint Boxing
Road Base, Sand, and Crusher Dust Sub Base or Sub Grade Precision Levelling
3D Car Park Sub Grade Preparation
Grading for Tennis Court Constructions
Grading for Site Allotments and Hardstand Constructions
All Under Slab Preparation

Projects We Serve

Laser Grading Services work for a variety of construction businesses, including:

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Why Use Laser Levelling?

Laser Levelling Reduces Construction Time. Automatic Machine Control Means Faster Completion of the Sub Grade or Sub Base.
Use of a Laser Grading Machine Can Replace the Work of Five Labourers and a Bobcat, Reducing Labour Costs.
Improved Accuracy of a Finished Level Can Reduce Excess Concrete to Below 3%, Saving on Construction Costs.
Levelling Gives You Improved Confidence in the Accuracy of the Sub Grade or Sub Base. This Accuracy Is Only Obtainable From a Fully Automatic Laser Controlled Machine.

Our Machine Control Technology

Laser Grading Services offers a range of different options for complex levelling projects across South-East Queensland and Northern NSW.

You can use our Topcon dual-grade laser if your job is too complex for a flat plane laser level.

If your job has a CAD design with complex grades and contours, Laser Grading Services can use our 3D Topcon total station.

Not sure which option is the best for you? Our expert team can provide consultation services to help.

Laser grading equipment used to prepare for ground levelling construction
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Areas We Serve

From our headquarters in Brisbane, the Laser Grading Services team travels across South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for grading and levelling projects in the construction and industrial sectors. Some of the locations we most frequently serve include:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Regional Queensland
  • Northern Rivers
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Laser Grading Services is the leading grading services and levelling solutions provider across SEQ and Northern NSW. No one else comes close to our extensive experience, innovative laser grading equipment, and passion for helping you achieve high-quality construction.

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